• Directions: Rate each of the following based upon your typical health profile:
    1. Occasionally have symptom
    2. Frequently have symptom, not severe
    3. Frequently have symptom, effect is severe,

  • 1. Thyroid Symptoms

  • (*) Referring to Hyperthyroid

  • 2. Sugar Handling Symptoms

  • 3. Adrenal Symptoms

  • (*) Referring to Hyperadrenal

  • 4. Environmental Symptoms

  • 5. Leaky Gut Symptoms

  • 6. Digestion Symptoms

  • 7. Liver & Gallbladder

  • Category 1: Thyroid Symptoms

    GTA Forte (High TSH >3.0)
    Thyrostim (Low TSH <1.8). Source of vitamins, minerals and Pituitary support
    Cytozyme PT/HPT (low TSH). Pituitary and Hypothalmus support
    MedaStim: Converts T4 to T3. Conversion takes place in the Liver, Lungs & Kidneys
    Note: Mixed hyper and hypothyroid symptoms; run TPO and Thyroglobulin antibodies to rule out autoimmune.

    Category 2: Blood Sugar Symptoms

    GlucoBalance (High blood sugar >99)
    Bio-Glycozyme (Low blood sugar <85)

    Category 3: Adrenal Symptoms

    ADHS with high blood sugar (Phase 1 Adrenal Fatigue-Salivary Cortisol levels are high)
    ADB-5 Plus (Phase 3 Adrenal Fatigue-Salivary Cortisol levels are low)
    Cytozyme-AD for everyone else

    Category 4: Environmental Symptoms

    Note: Specialized testing first
    Bio-D-Mulsion Forte: 2000IU per drop
    ScentArest: Key nutrients to up-regulate clearance
    Kapparest: Anti-inflammatory
    ReservaSirt-HP (Trans resveratrol):Anti-inflammatory and stimulates sirtuin enzymes.
    Livotrit (Ayurvedic formulation): Liver Phase 1 & 2 detoxification
    Note: For Heavy Metals: (Porphyra-Zyme, Chlorella Caps)

    Category 5: Leaky Gut Symptoms

    L-Glutamine Powder or L-Glutamine Caps: Anti-inflammatory an cellular energy
    Butyric Cal-Mag: Colon and tight junction membrane support
    Bromelain Plus CLA: Lactose free digestive enzyme
    GSH: Immune support
    Bio-D-Mulsion Forte: 2000 IU per drop

    Category 6: Digestion Symptoms

    Hydrozyme: HCl therapy
    Betaine Plus HP (700 mg of Betaine Hydrochloride):
    Strongest of HCL therapy
    Bromelain Plus CLA (Plant based digestive enzymes):
    Lactose Free digestive enzyme

    Category 7: Liver & Gallbaladder Symptoms

    Livotrit (Ayurvedic formulation): Phase 1 & 2 liver detoxification
    Beta TCP: Gallbladder support with 100 mg of organic beets per tablet. Taurine for fat metabolism
    BetaPlus: Gallballder support with ox bile and organic beets.
    Cytozyme-LV: Neonatal extract to support Liver
    Methylfolate Plus (800 mcg of MTHF) or 5-MTHF Plus Forte (5000 mcg of 5-MTHF)

    Add up the numbers to arrive at a total for each section. Then add the totals for each section to arrive at a grand total. If any individual section total is 10 or more, or the grand total is 14 or more, you may benefit from the 3-Step Bio Detoxification program.

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